CONTAINER / Accept & Proceed
North & South Poles, 2013
DesignAccept & Proceed
Size210 x 148mm
MaterialsStainless steel, black card

In this digital age, the current resurgent interest in magazines owes as much to their physical desirability as their ability to examine arcane subjects in forensic detail. CONTAINER was an exercise in exploring this physical language beyond the narrow confines of a printed book by inviting ten artists to create an object around a specific theme — for the first issue, this was Hot&Cold

Unlike the other contributors, Accept & Proceed chose to focus exclusively on the cold end of the equation by documenting polar exploration at either ends of the globe on both sides of a cold steel sheet perforated to unite both Arctic and Antarctic circles — and even lining up with apertures in the enclosing black paper sleeve.

Please turn up the volume or wear headphones
Please turn up the volume or wear headphones

As part of CONTAINER’s physical exploration of Hot & Cold, Accept & Proceed etched the progress of polar explorers into cold stainless steel.

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