Elevator, 2014
Size392 x 212 x 60mm
MaterialsCard, stainless steel, foam, 3D SLS nylon, card, paper, self-adhesive polyester

Across the world, Google nurtures a small army of digital ad agencies to deploy its advertising service with various programmes designed to enhance their performance. With assiduous research for this project, Google learned that its diminutive partners’ feelings of closeness were key to unlocking better performance and sought a tangible representation of the relationship to acknowledge the value of both parties.

Alongside various printed pieces, the kit consists of an eleven-piece stainless steel rocket desk sculpture designed as a test of ingenuity; a 3D printed sculpture of the recipient agency’s map coordinates to reflect the power of localised data; a set of cards with bite-sized insights, stickers and a brochure explaining the process. All set in a foam insert within a sleek and lightweight lift-off lid box that borrows construction clues from computer hardware packaging.

Please turn up the volume or wear headphones
Please turn up the volume or wear headphones

The digital giant uses physical language to acknowledge the value of its partner agencies with a gentle nod to their stratospheric ambitions.

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