Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, 1997
DesignMark Farrow & Jason Pierce
Size130 x 145 x 20mm
MaterialsCard, paper, PVC, metal foil, CD

What is probably the most celebrated ARTOMATIC production came about from Mark Farrow’s idea to turn Jason Pierce’s fascination with pharmaceuticals into physical form and Dedicated Record’s visionary decision to divert its marketing budget to pay for it.

Both the 12 x 3” CD press kit and the main 5” CD release featured a vacuum-formed PVC ‘pill tray’ containing the disc sealed with pharma-grade printed aluminium foil. Authentic materials for the leaflet, carton construction and even the prescription label on the back of the pack were the result of extensive research to ensure this iconic piece of music packaging resonated on all the right levels.

Please turn up the volume or wear headphones
Please turn up the volume or wear headphones

A textbook example of the power of authenticity — a fascination with pharmaceuticals turned into a celebrated piece of music packaging.

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