A tour of ARTOMATIC buildings

I wandered past our very first studio in Curtain Road, Shoreditch a few days ago. The temporary hoarding that had been up a while had been removed and the original fascia is still there, just painted black. It's now part of Strongroom Studios, which were there when we were there in the 80's along with Malcolm Garrett's Assorted Images–the first designers in Shoreditch, when it was just a dirty one-way system on the outskirts of the city.

I've often thought it odd that all the ARTOMATIC buildings are strangely intact. 

Our second studio, in Wharf Road, Islington doesn't seemed to have changed one iota, indeed it's now the home of Nirvana who do much the same as ARTOMATIC now.

Our third (and fifth) premises in Acton, which was a proper factory (we'd grown tired of man-handling pallets of paper across the cobbled courtyard of the Wharf Road building) and is now home to a faceless food processing company. So faceless, in fact, the original screen-printed sign is still on the door.

I'd not been passed the fourth one, in Shelford Place in Stoke Newington for a long time and had assumed that, given the trendiness of Stokey nowadays (we had a habit of occupying all the achingly trendy neighbourhoods while they were still industry-friendly), it'd had been redeveloped. But, no, according to Mr Google, again, the building is exactly as we left it.

The fifth and last building, the site of the ARTOMATIC shop and Library in Clerkenwell is, again, exactly as we left it. The present occupiers haven't touched it a bit, and have even kept our original projecting sign, just replaced the graphic with theirs.

I'm sure this is a meaningless coincidence, but it does seem a little odd that none of these buildings have been extensively redeveloped or knocked down or even re-purposed.