CONTAINER - maybe not a magazine after all

I'm quite used to creating things that are new and within that, I accept that their point might not always be obvious. I also accept that I probably don't help matters by explaining them in an overly complicated or misleading way. But, over the years, I have learned that in such circumstances, it's best to just re-think it and explain it in different terms.

So it was that when I left the Magazine conference last month, I came away thinking while CONTAINER might be a magazine conceptually, the specific association – magazines are printed book – set up irresistible comparisons that undersold CONTAINER. Magazines are rarely over £10

CONTAINER is a collection of ten original and exclusive (i.e. you can't buy them anywhere else) conceptual art objects within one handy package. And it probably makes more sense to refer to it as what it actually is, a box of objects, rather than what the idea behind it is. 

Anyway, here's a film that explains it...