Why hot and cold?

CONTAINER was an idea brewing throughout most of last year and during the latter part of the year, I began initial conversations with possible contributors. Well aware that it needed a timetable for everyone to work to, I provisionally pencilled in the end of March as a publication date for the first edition.

All about the weather. Sort of

All about the weather. Sort of

With the weather in the UK at that time of year being so unpredictable (though it turned out to be just cold), I decided on the theme of Hot & Cold. So it proved to be a good choice – there are a few different ways of interpreting hot and cold, either literally, metaphorically or emotionally.

What’s been curious is that there are some hot ideas and some hot and cold ideas, but only with prompting – because I was keen for some balance – some cold ideas.

Maybe this is an example of priming at work? Maybe hot is felt as being excited, agitated and energetic and cold is seen as frozen and lifeless – thus not inspiring.

Of course, timings have slipped as a couple of the projects require much more time to actually produce than I’d originally set out, so it’s looking now like a June publication date. Even that late on, the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, so it’s no less fitting as a theme.