The brief

All the contributors were given the same, and very simple, brief:

What does HOT and COLD mean to you and how does it feel emotionally and/or physically? This could be interpreted in whichever way you choose – literally or metaphorically – and can be about either or both HOT and/or COLD. We’d like you to think of an item that’ll excite, provoke and stimulate people by making them feel something.

I didn’t want to lead the contributors down any one road of interpretation; I was happy for them to take either a direct or an indirect interpretation – that it might be an obvious or a non-obvious interpretation.

Was waiting for this

Was waiting for this

I felt it was important to not guide or limit their choice of materials and techniques – though CONTAINER is nominally about print, I didn’t want it to be a collection of print-on-paper artefacts – and so effectively gave them an open invitation to come up with something. I wanted a range of items that were diverse in their intrinsic nature and construction. I didn’t even feel there was a need to provide any size restrictions – it was understood from the concept that everything was on a hand-held scale.

This left the slightly tricky grey area of pricing. At the beginning, I decided that the final selling price for this first edition should be determined by the actual production cost and that it shouldn’t, at this early stage, expect to make a profit on such low a production quantity.

So, remarkably, there was very little to-and-froing on ideas. One idea was rejected because it raised health and safety issues (always a good sign) and another proved to be just too expensive to produce. All the contributors were very speedy and accommodating in coming up with their ideas and I believe we have an exceptional collection of items that explore the theme to its best.

Nobody did anything with taps.