More about CONTAINER development

CONTAINER is an exploration of the physical nature of culture. The value of things – and especially printed things – has changed because of the arrival and explosion of digital media. Before the internet, we had physical things and not much else.

Couldn't resist a temperature-related box

Couldn't resist a temperature-related box

Digital media does what physical (print) used to do – inform – so physical is free to be something else. CONTAINER is an exploration of what might be and the nature of the relationship between both physical things and digital things.

So, CONTAINER has a physical side and a digital side. Cheap/free information via digital distribution means we can tell stories in so much more detail. The story of the objects’ creation will be the digital back-story to CONTAINER.

Physical manufacturing is a complex process and CONTAINER will involve a whole manner of different techniques to create the objects. The artist contributors are given a free range to create something within the theme and the development of those items becomes a story in itself.

There’s also a Tumblr site, CONTAINER Development, where all the contributors can show how their items are taking shape and to provide an insight into the creative and manufacturing processes at work. All the contributors have a different way of working and the nature of the collaboration between ARTOMATIC and each artist will differ and evolve over time. I’m already learning about techniques and materials I knew nothing of before, so it’s an adventure for me.

Hope you enjoy it too.