Money to mouth

So, a momentus day today …no turning back now.

I’ve been trying to tickle all the various contributors] objects along at a similar pace, but one in particular – Daniel Eatock’s – has been driving the schedule. We’ve been in a fairly detailed three-way discussion with Daniel and the manufacturers for many weeks now, but with a fixed production schedule, it’s finally come to the crunch when a commitment is required.

 No turning back now

No turning back now

So, today I transferred the money to instigate production on Daniel’s item and we’re off and away.
One slight snag is that to avoid publication drifting into the slow summer months, we’ve decided to opt out of getting a full prototype made – which was to be 6 weeks – and so we’re jumping straight into production. Yikes.

Still… the whole thing’s an experiment, so it seems in keeping.