It's a bit like building a house

Well, actually, no, not a lot like a building a house

Well, actually, no, not a lot like a building a house

Anyone who’s ever built a house or made a major renovation will be familiar with the part of the process when all the decisions have to be made. Finally, when all dirt has gone and the structure starts to take shape, you come to the bit you were really looking forward to, where you get to pour over catalogues and choose wallpaper, taps, light fittings etc. The reality is slightly less pleasurable when all the builders are demanding immediate answers about skirting boards and extractor fans – you’ve got no time to leisurely flick through catalogues and just pick whatever you think is least offensive.

Creating CONTAINER has reached that stage.

My to-do lists have suddenly expanded as I’ve realised we need to create a whole load of collateral to get this thing off the ground and I probably won’t have the luxury of chin-stroking to ponder every aspect of its creation. Still, I don’t think this is a bad way of creating something – not having time to think about stuff keeps it fresh.

So, as we head into the final stages all sorts of decisions have to be made. Trying to work out the best format of box to send it out in and a way to avoid using tape to seal it up… or do I just get some tape printed? I’m going to mail people simply because I believe in the power of physical communications, but then that has to be designed. And then we’ll need invites for the opening and a whole host of things for that.

Still, this is the fun bit. And at least I don’t have demanding builders to appease.