An interesting case of priming

The brief for the first edition of CONTAINER of Hot and Cold was chosen because we thought it would be broad enough to give people a good range of interpretation and worked on a number of levels beyond temperature and heat.

So Cold right now doesn't have the same ring to it

So Cold right now doesn't have the same ring to it

So, two things struck me about the ideas and their subject matter:

Only Mother took a representative, metaphorical interpretation—the colloquialism of ‘hot’ referring to sexuality. All the others were about heat (or lack of it) temperature.

The brief was to crate an object around the idea of Hot AND cold or Hot OR Cold. Of the ten contributors, six (James Bridle, Daniel Eatock, Malcolm Garrett, Leila Johnston*, Rebecca and Mike and Nic Roope and Violetta Boxill) chose Hot AND Cold and three (David Hieatt, Mother and John Willshire) chose Hot. Only Accept & Proceed chose an entirely cold theme for their object.

So, I wonder whether there was a priming process going on? Is it that the idea of Hot is excitable, agitating (like the atoms) stimulating creativity and Cold is numbing?

* Leila Johnston’s house was so cold when she took the temperature, it’s hard to argue that there was much heat involved at all.