Billion Dollar Babies mailer

My good friend Paul Foster does new business development for creative companies under the name, Billion Dollar Babies. He's very good at what he does and is quite clear about his proposition–to get them meetings they wouldn't get themselves at a fraction of the cost of hiring new business people full time.

There's all manner of companies offering business development services of varying quality, so Paul wanted something that was irresistably arresting and that went to the heart of their ambition–growing their business and making money. Hence, the idea of printing on a real dollar bill. Since his business is calling other people, we deliberately left off any contact numbers, so they get the mailer and wait for his call, thus getting the authentic experience of his approach.


The bills were letterpressed at Axminster Printing–a small local print shop in Devon–and they kindly took some fantastic photographs of the bills on their small Heidelberg press.

Putting the bills on a printing press makes another association we were keen to invoke–that of printing money–the outcome hiring Billion Dollar Babies can make to any of its clients.


The notes were sent out in US-sourced envelopes, with their distinctive yellow-manila colour and a Royal Mail airmail sticker just for laughs. Oddly, American stationery shops don't make envelopes to exactly fit their currency, which meant we had to trim the dollar bills a millimetre or so–and putting a wad of cash under a two-tonne guillotine is a sobering sight.

Paul doesn't have a URL for client-confidentiality reasons, but if you're interested in hiring him, he can be contacted at paul[at]billiondollarbabies[dot]biz