Mailers away


Finally, I managed to send the new ARTOMATIC mailer out. I know it's always difficult doing your own stuff because, well, it's talking about yourself, but I've taken an inordinate amount of time producing these–mostly spent writing the words. Which brings up an interesting thought...

Nowadays, with blogs, tweets etc. we all do nothing but talk about ourselves but there's something about committing ink to paper that makes me at least, much more vexed about what words to use and what order to put them in.

As with so much of this analysis of print vs the digital, this seems so blindingly obvious–well of course you're going to think harder about what you say in print than what you say on-line–but if you widen the perspective to the media landscape in general–and imagine that my attitude to this is representative–it tells us that the nature of digital communications differs fundamentally from printed matter.

So, if you get one of these and you bother to read it (and this), please spare a thought for how much torture went into writing it.