Hello again

After a few false starts, I feel like I've finally figured out how this is all going to work.

If you know me, you'll know that my time has been a spent in a tireless and relentless drive to getting Matterbox out of the starting gate in the face of a headwind of bewilderment and indifference. But, if I've learned anything, I know that determination is the one thing that can't be beaten–apart from everyone telling you it's a shit idea, of course.

So, Artomatic returns. Why?

Firstly, some of the people I talk to about Matter don't know what they'd put in it, and it seems logical to offer them that service–and why not under the Artomatic name? Secondly, I like making stuff. Thirdly, the underlying thought behind it–that real things have a value in a virtual world–seems increasingly relevant.

So, here's the first step. I'll try to keep this up-to-date and put up stuff in the reference section I like and I think illustrates what I'm talking about. I'll add work as and when I find it. Most of it will be old stuff and it the plan is to grow into a kind of reference resource a little bit like the library.

If you want something created.... you know what to do.