A brief history

ARTOMATIC started as table-top screen-printers in James Ellery’s kitchen in 1982 and grew with the intention of bringing together the disparate worlds of creativity and print manufacturing — hence the name, which Malcolm Garrett coined from a Peter Philips painting.

It grew through different studios and factories through the 80's and 90's until James and Tim went in different directions in 1998. Tim kept the name and later that year, asked Daniel Mason and Mat Bickley helped to create a pioneering space in London’s Clerkenwell, ARTOMATIC +. Part materials library, graphic concept store and gallery, its purpose was to celebrate the rich language of printed objects against the burgeoning digital media.

ARTOMATIC closed in 2003 and Tim moved to the US, returning in 2007 to create Matterbox with Royal Mail and resurrect ARTOMATIC in 2012 with a refined vision of objects rather than printing leading to the first edition of CONTAINER published in 2013.


The Clerkenwell space - Library, store, gallery