CONTAINER is a new publication about the nature and culture of objects – an exploration of the concept of a magazine beyond the structure of a printed book. 

Inside the first edition of CONTAINER is a collection of ten bespoke, exclusive conceptual physical objects, each created by an individual contributor around a specific theme – Hot&Cold. The objects are packaged in a suitably temperature-related container – an expanded polystyrene box.  The objects in CONTAINER are designed and executed exquisitely in a wide range of materials and processes (67 in total) . 

The first edition of CONTAINER is produced in a limited edition of 200 copies. Each issue is numbered and signed by all the artist contributors and issues are sold in numerical order.

Further detail on the objects are available here and on the CONTAINER website and on the CONTAINER section of the ARTOMATIC blog

Future issues of CONTAINER will follow with preferential options offered to existing CONTAINER owners. 

Shipped: £300.00 + £22.00 worldwide shipping